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​What is Recovery Coaching?

​Recovery Coaching (also known as peer mentoring) is a type of partnership where the person in or seeking  recovery self directs his/her recovery while the coach provides expertise in supporting successful change.  Recovery Coaches support positive change by helping anyone including persons coming home from treatment or the criminal justice system to avoid relapse, build community support for recovery, or work on life goals such as relationships, work, education etc. Recovery Coaching  is a peer-based service that is developed and provided mainly by persons who are in recovery themselves and as a result have gained knowledge on how to attain and sustain recovery.

​Recovery Coaches:

  • Development of Recovery Plan
  • ​Promote recovery by helping the recoveree remove barriers and obstacles to recovery
  • ​Serve as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking, or already in recovery
  • ​help individuals find ways to stop using, or reduce harm associated with addictive behaviors​. 

​A Recovery Coach is a person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the newly recovering person to the recovering community, and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the management of personal and family recovery. Such supports are generated by mobilizing volunteer resources within the recovery community, or provided by the Recovery Coach where such natural support networks are lacking  Coaches may assist the individual to access clinical services.

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